Camping in Brown County, Indiana

This past weekend I spent my Friday afternoon driving to Brown County State Park in Indiana with a few friends from a college ministry I’m involved in at IUS. I don’t actually go there, but I’m friends with several from the college ministry and therefore I join them in a lot of their adventures. After driving an hour and a half North of Louisville along I65-N, we finally arrived at the campground and began to set up camp. It wasn’t long until setting up tents turned into throwing multiple frisbees at each other. As the rest of the group arrived it was time for dinner. Charcoal grillled hamburgers and hotdogs couldn’t have been beaten at that exact moment. While relaxing around the campfire, many resorted to playing frisbee again, others joined in conversation about various topics until finally we were all getting antsy to do something besides just sit around a campfire. We left and went to a nearby field and played Kan-Jam, Splat, and other random games until it became too dark to play any longer. I, unfortunately, had an exam the next day so I couldn’t stay the entirety of the trip and had to make a very long drive back in the middle of the night so I could be home in time to study for my exam.

After trudging through the problems on my Saturday exam I was finally finished and had been planning on joining some friends at Falling Rock Park later that day. It happened to be the 2nd Annual Float for Recovery fundraiser that day. Little did my friends and I know that this meant over 1,000 visitors would be attending that day and parking around the quarry was not an option. We drove to the town of LaGrange, KY and found some parking there and began to walk when a city cop pulled over and asked us “Do you know how far you’re about to have to walk to get to the quarry?” We sweatily replied “Like 2 miles?” Our hopes of him giving us a ride were shut down when he started talking of a nearby church that was offering shuttles to and from the quarry. We walked back to our vehicles to drive to the church and when we got there the officer was there but the shuttle was nowhere to be found. By this point he felt bad for us and let us follow him to a local park that was a little bit less of a walk to the quarry.

After arriving at the park and walking 1.5 miles towards the quarry, we finally hitched a ride in the back of someone’s truck. They offered us water and the breeze indirectly cooled us off from walking in the heat beforehand. When we finally arrived, it was absolutely packed….which was awesome! The blob was up and running and people were sending their friends into the air one after another. Music blaring and barbecue grilling…what a way to spend a Saturday? After a few hours of swimming and laying out, we finally headed home catching another ride in one of the shuttles (that we didn’t know about before) that offered to take us back to our car. Needless to say, I went straight to bed after this long day.

Sunday I went to church and afterwards I enjoyed a brunch at one of my local favorites-Dish On Market. Their omelets are phenomenal by the way. Not ready to go home, I took a stroll downtown and took in the fresh air of another perfect weekend day.

All in all, I can say that this weekend was definitely one spent almost entirely outside and I loved every minute of it.

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